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Tattoo in Jurmala

Tattoo is a fashion trend and stylish decoration, the memory of an important event and the aspect of individuality.

With the help of body-images, people may show their point of views and life positions without using words. Often the image on the body reflects the desire to be like famous actors, musicians and athletes. Many people get tattoos to stand out and attract attention. Others follow their spontaneous desires.

There are many reasons to get a tattoo. The common thing in each case is to find a good master who will make a beautiful tattoo in Jurmala. Only a professional is able to create real masterpieces, which will certainly be an occasion for admiration and compliments. Talented masters work in «VeAn» salon and ready to realize your dreams. What we can offer:

  • Modern sketches based on fashion trends.
  • Select an exclusive sketch using the program – neuronet tattoo. Unique application generates images based on text information. Simply write what details and elements should be present in the picture, choose the preferred style and get the result. It will be a sketch that no one else has used before.
  • Advanced pigment application technologies and techniques.
  • Modern consumables that are safe for health and resistant to fading.

Choose sketches in any style - Minimalism or Realism, Fineline or Old School. Regardless of your preferences, you will get the results you expect.

If you decide to make a tattoo in Jurmala in the salon «VeAn», you are guaranteed safety and health protection. Masters work in disposable gloves. The package with disposable tools is opened before the session in the presence of the client. Our tattoo artists pay special attention to sanitation. Treatment of working surfaces with disinfectants is a mandatory step of the procedure.

Tattoo in Jurmala
Tattoo in Jurmala
Tattoo in Jurmala

Well-known styles

If you decide to make a tattoo in Jurmala, the first task is to choose sketch and style of a body-image.

There are about 50 main styles in world culture. As the art of tattoos developed, new styles and trends constantly appeared. Many contemporary artists develop new styles to create top designs. Visitors of «VeAn» salon can choose any direction. Our masters successfully cope with any tasks. Popular styles:

  1. Graphics.
    1. Patterns with an abundance of geometric shapes and forms.
  2. Abstraction.
    1. There is the lack of clear contours, which makes the body-image easy and ephemeral.
  3. Old School.
    1. The tattoo is characterized by clear contours and the usage of bright pigments.
  4. New School.
    1. To create a tattoo in this style, an artist uses a wide palette of colors. Color transitions without expressive black contours are used to highlight fragments and details.
  5. Chicano.
    1. It is about brutal drawings where we can see weapons, beautiful women, symbols of death and predatory animals.
Tattoo in Jurmala
  1. Watercolor.
    1. Differs from other styles by the lack of clear contours and bright shades. We can see illustrations as if they were drawn by watercolor colors.
  2. Blackwork.
    1. The feature is a dense coloring with black pigment.
  3. Minimalism.
    1. Drawings of small size, often containing deep meaning.
  4. Fineline.
    1. It is characterized by the usage of thin lines.
  5. Realism.
    1. Images that look like photographs.

Get a tattoo in Jurmala in the salon «VeAn» to look spectacular and stylish. Our masters will help you to choose the sketch and place on the body of the future tattoo. When choosing the right place, it is important to take into account the anatomical features of the body. Then the body-image will look organic, emphasize the merits of the figure.

Tattoo in Jurmala
Tattoo in Jurmala
Tattoo in Jurmala

Advantages for the
clients of «VeAn» salon

Come for free consultation at the salon «VeAn» to see the works of talented tattoo artists, learn about the culture of tattoos and styles.

You will be able to buy professional aftercare products. Our advantages:

  • Individual approach.
  • A pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Qualified staff.

People with different income levels can afford tattoo in Jurmala in our salon. We regularly hold promotions, thanks to which you can get a discount of up to 80% on all services. We have dreams come true!

Tattoo in Jurmala