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Laser tattoo
removal in Jurmala

Tattoos are the choice of many modern people who want to look fashionable and stylish.

In the popularization of different types of body modification, celebrities play an important role - actors and athletes, musicians and bloggers. Body images today are perceived in society as a bright decoration of the body. Over time, the tattoos pale and lose their original shape. It happens due to the natural reaction of the body to the presence of a foreign substance – pigment.

Cells in the immune system destroy the pigment, resulting in color changes and loss of clear contours. In some cases, correction helps to change the situation. If correction is impossible, you will have to do a laser tattoo removal in Jurmala. Other common reasons for tattoo removal are:

  • Change of visions and outlook.
  • Dress-code at work or school.
  • Loss of relevance.
  • Non-aesthetic result.
  • Traumatic skin damage in the area of the tattoo location.

The tattoo is deformed due to severe stretching of the skin due to weight loss or weight gain. People often seek to get rid of tattoos taken of events that no longer have value. Choose laser tattoo removal in Jurmala, if your family members do not approve of the presence of body-images on the skin.

Laser tattoo removal in Jurmala
Laser tattoo removal in Jurmala

Order and features
of the procedure

The essence of the procedure is about the destruction of the pigment under the influence of intense beam.

Light is generated by laser. Modern devices provide a safe and mild impact without damaging the skin tissue. The client wears special glasses that protect the eyes from bright light. The master chooses the wavelength, the intensity of the device and the time of exposure, taking into account the location of the tattoo and the color of the pigment. Black and dark blue tattoos are easier to remove than red, yellow, green pictures.

The destroyed pigment is removed from skin tissues by lymphatic system. Laser tattoo removal in Jurmala is a multi-stage procedure. After each session, the tattoo becomes paler and fades away. It usually takes 2-6 sessions to get rid of the tattoo completely. Factors that affect the number of sessions:

  1. The age of the tattoo.
    1. The longer the tattoo is, the easier it is to remove it.
  2. The color of the skin.
    1. With a light shade of skin, the body-images are removed faster than with brown skin.
  3. Size.
    1. In one session the master processes a small fragment to avoid too serious load on the body.
  4. Location of the tattoo.
    1. Body-images that are got on the shoulders, arms, chest are easier to remove, which is due to intense blood flow in these parts of the body.

Observance of sanitary standards during the procedure will avoid unpleasant consequences - infection, development of inflammation. If you do laser tattoo removal in Jurmala in the salon «VeAn», you are guaranteed maximum safety and health protection.

The work is performed in disposable gloves. Before the session, the master processes the workplace with disinfectants.

Laser tattoo removal in Jurmala

Advantages of the salon «VeAn»

Clients who decide to do laser tattoo removal in Jurmala in our salon, provided comfortable conditions.

The procedure takes place in a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. Local anesthesia is performed beforehand, which minimizes the pain. Our specialists use advanced equipment made in the USA, Germany and Japan, which increases the level of safety and provides no undesirable effects. Our advantages:

  • Qualified staff.
  • Individual approach.
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • Free consultation.

After the procedure you will receive detailed instructions on aftercare. Proper aftercare leads to accelerated skin recovery and avoids complications - hyperpigmentation, scars. You can buy professional skin aftercare products in out salon after laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal in Jurmala
Laser tattoo removal in Jurmala

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