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Permanent makeup in Jurmala

PMU is a beneficial alternative to decorative cosmetics.

This is an optimal solution for women who are allergic to cosmetic components. Make permanent makeup in Jurmala means to get rid of the necessity to apply and wash cosmetics daily. Saving time and effort is the key to a good mood. The essence of the procedure is to introduce pigment under the skin at a small depth. The master forms the contours of the eyebrows and lips, draws lines, fills the space between the eyelashes. Using different techniques and methods, you can achieve different effects:

  • Visual effect of increasing lips (their volume).
  • Beautiful and expressive eyes.
  • Visually thick lashes and eyebrows.
  • Clear lip and eyebrow contours.
  • Fashionable shape of your face.
  • Prominent and consistent coloration of lips, eyebrows and cheekbones.
  • Formation of a visually clear, lifted oval face.

Modern women choose permanent makeup in Jurmala to look awesome 24 hours a day. PMU won’t be smeared if you touch your face with your hand or get caught in the rain. Your lines and lipstick, the contours of your eyebrows, lips and eyes remain perfect during sleep, eating or swimming in the pool. Do sports, choose extreme entertainment or relax on the beach without worrying about how you look. Because with PMU, your beauty remains perfect.

Permanent makeup in Jurmala
Permanent makeup in Jurmala
Permanent makeup in Jurmala

Benefits of PMU

The main reason to make permanent makeup in Jurmala is model appearance.

With the help of the PMU, the master adjusts the shape of the eyebrows, eyes and lips, giving them a magnificent and attractive look. You look like the girl from the cover of the magazine regardless of circumstances and different conditions. Other advantages of the procedure:

  • Save money. For 1-3 years you may forget about the necessity to buy decorative cosmetics - make-up is always on your face.
  • Time saving. Successful women know the cost of time and are not prepared to spend 30-40 minutes daily on makeup application.
  • Perfect contours and shapes. When applying decorative cosmetics, it is not always possible to achieve the desired effect. The wrong movement and a line on the right eye is significantly different from the line of the left eye. You will not have to face such problems if you have made permanent makeup in Jurmala in the salon «VeAn».

An important condition is the search for a good master. Face is the first thing that people pay attention to. Do not risk and trust your beauty amateurs. Come to the salon «VeAn» for free consultation to learn about the procedure and effects. Fixing a bad job is harder than making good PMU.

Masters of salon «VeAn» constantly improve their skills, participate in international competitions and festivals. We offer clients cutting-edge solutions - the best consumables, top pigment application techniques to highlight your natural beauty. There are no impossible tasks for experienced masters. We can make a natural permanent make-up in Jurmala, which is almost invisible on the face. The alternative is a bright PMU that will make your appearance spectacular and expressive.

Permanent makeup in Jurmala
Permanent makeup in Jurmala

Advantages of the
salon «VeAn»

Safety for clients is one of the main principles of work.

The treatment of the working surfaces with disinfectants is mandatory before the procedure. Masters make permanent makeup in Jurmala in disposable gloves, which eliminates contact of the hands with the skin of the client and reduces the risk of infection. Reusable tools are sterilized in the autoclave. Packaging with disposable tools is opened in the presence of the client. In the salon «VeAn» your health is in good hands. Our advantages:

  • Individual approach.
  • Comfortable environment, pleasant atmosphere.
  • Qualified staff.

Participate in promotions and special offers to get up to 80% discount on all services. Make a permanent makeover in Jurmala in the salon «VeAn» to feel self-confidence and easily achieve your goals!

Permanent makeup in Jurmala
Permanent makeup in Jurmala
Permanent makeup in Jurmala