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Price list
1 Prices depend on the size and complexity of the sketch, as well as on the artist and the city in which you want to get a tattoo.

The minimum cost of a tattoo 40-60 EUR
Tattoo from a beginner artist (Under the supervision of a top tattoo artist) 20-30 EUR
1 Prices depend on the city you choose.
2 You can get more detailed information from an online consultant.

Lips with full shading 120 EUR
Lips contour with light shading 120 EUR
Eyebrows full shading 120 EUR
Eyelids space between eyelashes 100 EUR
1 Prices do not include jewellery.
2 Prices range from €10 to €15, depending on the material chosen.
3 Prices depend on the city you choose. You can get more detailed information from an online consultant.

Ears 20 - 25 EUR
Earlobe 20 EUR
Cartilage of ear 20 EUR
Industrial 30 EUR
Tragus 25 EUR
Navel 30 EUR
Nose 30 EUR
Eyebrow 30 EUR
Tongue 30 EUR
Lip 30 EUR
Septum, Bridge 30 EUR
Nipple 35 EUR
Two nipples 70 EUR
Intimal piercing from 80 EUR
Microdermal 50 EUR
Rook, Snug, Daith, Forward Helix, Conch 20 - 25 EUR
1 Prices are approximate and depend on the city you choose.
2 You can get more detailed information from an online consultant.

Tattoo 2x2cm 30 EUR
Tattoo 4x4cm 40 EUR
Tattoo 10x5cm 50 EUR
Tattoo 15x7cm 70 EUR
Tattoo more than 15x10cm from 70 EUR
1 Prices depend on the city you choose.
2 You can get more detailed information from an online consultant.

Permanent eyebrow make-up (full) 70 EUR
Permanent eyebrow make-up (partial) 50 EUR
Permanent lip make-up (contour) 50 EUR
Permanent lip make-up (full or partial) 70 EUR
1 The cost of training includes all consumables and assistance with finding models, as well as advice, assistance with the selection and purchase of equipment and consumables for further work.
2 Prices depend on the city you choose. You can get more detailed information from an online consultant.
3 Interest-free installment plan available for all educational programs - from 3 to 6 months

Tattoo training (10-12 lessons) from €1000 to €2200
Permanent make-up training (10-12 lessons) from €700 to €1100
Piercing training (6-10 lessons) from €700 to €1100
1 Prices depend on the city you choose.
2 For further information, please contact our online consultant.
3 All VeAn students receive a 50% discount on a permanent basis.

Price per day from €20
Price per month from €300
Price per consumable from €10

The price of your tattoo

The price of tattoos depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is the qualification of the tattoo artist. Experienced and highly qualified tattoo masters value their work and time, so their services are more expensive. Quality tattoo will always be expensive. The price of a tattoo may also be related to the size and complexity of the drawing.

The bigger tattoo and the harder it is to perform, the higher is the cost. Beginners usually have a lower price, but it is worth considering that the quality of their work may be far from perfect. So, the main criteria that form a price of a tattoo are the skill of the master, the size and complexity of the drawing.


How to choose a master?

When people compare tattoo prices, they often face a dilemma: go to an experienced tattoo artist whose services may cost a lot of money, or to choose a beginner who offers a significant discount.

However, choosing the person you entrust to work with your appearance is a serious responsibility, because the tattoo remains on the body forever.

The quality of tattoo is crucial. It does not matter whether the drawing will become a real body decoration or turn into a bad experience that will disfigure the body. Therefore, when choosing a tattoo, you should not be guided only by the price of the tattoo, it is necessary to take into account the experience of the master, get acquainted with his or her portfolio and real client reviews.

Of course, the services of experienced tattoo masters can have a higher cost, but it ensures that the work will be done professionally and safely for your health. Choosing a master, you should remember that the tattoo will be part of your life, so it is better not to save on the quality of services.

Tattoo design: complex and simple

The cost of tattoo services depends on the complexity of the tattoo created on the body. Black and white tattoos with simple design are usually cheaper than multi-color images with smooth color transitions and multi-level gradations of shades. Creating 3D-effects and 3D images also requires more time, focus and effort.

Let’s provide one example. Tattoos on the body in the Realism style require the master to work with fine and filigree detail. As a result, drawings may look as realistic as photographs. However, to achieve such a result, masters have to work carefully with each fragment. Not every tattoo artist can handle this task perfectly. Therefore, if you plan to make a complex tattoo, you should make your choice responsibly. It is necessary to find a professional master and be confident in his or her experience and portfolio.

Size and dimensions

One of the key factors that influence the cost of a tattoo is the size of the image. The calculation of the price of a tattoo is based on the cost of work on one square centimeter of skin. The price for 1 cm2 is multiplied by the area of the image to be applied to the skin. The rule that is relevant today - the bigger tattoo, the lower the price for 1 cm2.

Complexity plays a crucial role in determining the price of the tattoo. If the future work provides a large number of small details, the master will have to put more effort and time to create a quality work. Accordingly, the price of the tattoo increases. The exact amount can be fixed only after the sketch of the future tattoo is developed and approved by the client.

Color palette and tattoo places

The price of the tattoo depends on where it is applied and what color palette is used. The large number of pigments are used, the higher price will be. The price of anesthetics is also included. In the tattoo salon "VeAn" you can always get acquainted with the price list of services of all our masters.