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Proper Tattoo aftercare

Proper Tattoo aftercare

In the last couple of decades tattoo services are in constant demand.

Tattoo art is popular with people of different age, gender and social status. Tattoos are regularly done with different purposes. Some people chose to get it as a means of self-expression, others - to beautify own body. Some drawings are devoted to significant events and dates, others - spiritual values, worldview, the third - just a tribute to fashion trends. People often get a tattoo in order to hide some scars, spots, imperfections or other defects on the body. And the true fans of the tattoo cover almost the whole body with images and inscriptions.

It doesn’t matter what image or why you chose it. In order your tattoo to be beautiful, and the skin to be fully recovered, you have to know how to provide a proper aftercare. Correct tattoo aftercare is a quite simple thing. The main moment is to follow all the recommendations that the master gives after the session. You have to use a disinfectant and wound-healing agents (the ointments and solutions) that the master will recommend. You can buy them immediately after the session in the salon «VeAn».

Attention: The recommendations of different masters may be different in some way. This is explained by the different techniques of work and characteristics of the used pigments. Also, the healing period depends on the individual features of the client’s body.

Proper Tattoo aftercare

Protective measures

At the end of the session, the skin needs maximum protection.

The tattoo is done by injecting pigment with a needle. That is, the skin is injured twice. First, needles pierce it, then dye is introduced into its upper layers. In order for the skin to recover more quickly after such exposure, the fresh tattoo is covered with a bandage soaked in antiseptic and a special film. Thanks to this protective coating, the damaged skin does not meet pathogens and moisture. These are the main enemies of the wound, which can slow the healing process and cause inflammation and infections.

In the future, the bandage and film will need to change at home independently. Professional tattoo aftercare products are offered by a network of «VeAn» salons at reasonable prices to all interested persons. The catalogue contains products of famous brands, manufactured with the application of advanced technologies in this field. We can choose the right materials and preparations to carry out the right aftercare at home.

The most effective and popular product is a special healing film. It is an elastic material that does not cause allergies, which can be fixed on the skin without any assistance. With the help of a healing film, you can qualitatively protect the newly made tattoo on the skin, provided that there is no hair on it. Adhesive film material is designed for wearing for a period of 4-6 days. After this time the film is removed and further processing of the exposure is carried out according to the recommendations developed by the master.

If you tape the tattoo with this film, you can safely wear any clothes, take water treatments. It eliminates the necessity for daily bandages. The healing film has other advantages:

  • The microscopic film structure facilitates the free access of oxygen to the skin, making the healing process faster.
  • The transparent film allows you to observe the condition of the tattoo.
  • Protects against moisture.
  • Due to its high elasticity, the film is easily fixed on uneven surfaces and does not move away.
Proper Tattoo aftercare
Proper Tattoo aftercare

How to fix the healing film?

Before fixing the film, it is necessary to cut a suitable piece, corresponding to the area of skin with an image on it.

The next step is to remove the film from the backing. It remains to fix it at the placement of a tattoo. The material can stretch, so you are able to cover an area correctly without any folds and wrinkles. The film should be carefully pressed against the skin, while its edges must go beyond the boundaries of the tattoo 1-2 centimeters.

Proper Tattoo aftercare
Proper Tattoo aftercare
Proper Tattoo aftercare

How should the tattoo be treated?

After 4-6 days after getting the tattoo, you will need to start to treat the placement of the tattoo.

The whole home aftercare algorithm looks like this:

  • An obligatory action before any aftercare procedure is a thorough hand washing with soap.
  • Carefully remove the healing film from the skin surface. If it shows traces of pigment, don’t worry. This is a normal situation.
  • Rinse the place with a tattoo with a special antiseptic solution. The contamination from the skin surface is removed by means of cotton pads which are wetted in an antiseptic. For this purpose, the usage of sponges or hard tissues is prohibited.
How should the tattoo be treated?

  • Moisture is removed using a clean napkin, applying it to the treated area of the skin. Remember - do not rub the skin.
  • When you finish drying the skin surface, it should be treated with a special antibacterial ointment. It is applied to the skin with light movements, carefully rubbing on the surface. It is impossible to rub the product into the skin.
  • After the skin is treated with ointment, it is again covered with a protective film. Medical plaster is used to fix the film. In the case of a healing film, no additional fixation is required.

This procedure is carried out 3 times a day at equal intervals (4 hours). Used protective film is strictly forbidden to use again.

You can buy a suitable variant of ointment and other means of tattoo aftercare at affordable prices in the tattoo salon «VeAn». Your tattoo master will advise the best options, taking into account not only the individual features of the body, but also the properties of the pigment, as well as the characteristics of the tattoo itself. These ointments have a lot of advantages over traditional analogues from the pharmacy. They are completely neutral to the coloring substances of the pigments and possess healing qualities.

Proper Tattoo aftercare
Proper Tattoo aftercare
Proper Tattoo aftercare
Aftercare - the main recommendations

First of all, aftercare should be taken to ensure that the skin remains as sterile as possible and meets the sanitary requirements for wound surfaces.

Special attention to the skin with a fresh tattoo should be paid for the first time 4-7 days. Moderate itching and unpleasant painful sensations are among the manifestations that are considered normal. You cannot scratch the skin or rub the applied pattern. It is also strictly forbidden to peel off the crust formed on the wound surface. If you feel severe pain, edema has formed, the skin has changed color (red, blue), immediately contact our salon. Masters have medical training and will be able to offer free and competent advice.

Attention: The regularity and correctness of treatment determines the period of healing of the wound. Proper tattoo aftercare reduces the risk of complications, prevents dermis from drying up and helps to preserve the native image in its original form.

For the next 2-3 weeks after the session, refuse to visit the sauna, gym, pool or beach. During this period, avoid high physical activity. Consult your doctor to know more about other medications.

Proper Tattoo aftercare

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