Cashless payment

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the online consultant

You have an opportunity to make a payment on the card without %
Advance payment

The prepayment cost is at least 5% of the future service. Prepayment is a safety net for you and us to get everything ready for the session in advance.

Why do I need it?

With pre-prepayment you confirm your appointment so that the master and the studio plan their work time efficiently

We return the deposit

If you notify us that you want to cancel the session no later than the day before. You can also transfer the prepayment (an appointment) to a convenient time taking into account your schedule.

To make a payment contact the manager

+371 283 60090
Why the payment could not pass
You may have made a mistake and identified your phone number incorrectly. The phone is in the following format:
Make sure that your debit or credit card has sufficient funds. When filling in the card data, carefully enter all information. And make sure your card is up and running.
Check all card settings and the limit on the online payment. If there is no online limit and the feature is disabled, connect it and set a limit for a certain amount.
Installment plan
  • 1 We offer the service «Payment by instalments» - this is another step towards the clients of our salons.
  • 2 If you have a card, this possibility applies to any of our services from 200 euros.
  • 3 More good news! Taking installments on tattoo or other services in our salons, you do not overpay interest!