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Permanent makeup aftercare

Permanent makeup aftercare

Permanent make up is an effective way to have permanent facial makeup, allowing women in any situation look attractive.

The essence of this method is the following: during the session the master with the help of special pigments, injected by the skin, shapes the contours of the lips, eyebrows and eyes, corrects the features of the face. An experienced specialist chooses a fashionable sketch and color that will maximize the attractiveness of the woman.

In most cases there is no need to apply daily makeup on the face after a professionally performed PMU. This not only provides additional free time, but also saves a considerable amount of money that was spent on buying cosmetics or visiting beauty salons. Also, permanent makeup eliminates the risk of allergic reaction, which often occurs when using decorative cosmetics.

Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare

PMU, made by an experienced master, remains unchanged for 3-4 years.

All this time an attractive appearance, formed by permanent makeup, will please both the people around and the woman herself. The pigment is then dissolved and removed with lymph. Women get an opportunity to choose a new shape of lips, eyebrows or lines and perform the procedure again.

But the high quality and longevity of PMU depends not only on the level of professionalism of the master, the quality of pigments and used equipment. An important condition is the right aftercare. Their observance ensures long-term preservation of the contours in their original form. The client is responsible for the period of aftercare, who must comply with the care instructions received from the master.

Due to the strict implementation of the recommendations received from the master, the healing of the treated skin is quick and painless, and most importantly, without any health consequences. The main problem that the treatment solves is to prevent infection in the places of exposure.

Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare

Features of the healing process

Regardless of the type of treatment, permanent make-up aftercare is quite simple.

The eyebrow aftercare scheme differs slightly from the one created for the lip treatment.

The healing process is as follows:

  • A crust is formed in the skin area. It will fall off on its own after 4-7 days. It is strongly recommended not to remove it, as it exposes a wound that can get pathogenic microflora.
  • The color of the pigment under the dermis layer is initially darker and brighter. After a certain time, during which the skin recovers, the color of the dye becomes lighter by about 2 tones. So don’t worry about too much bright lips or dark eyebrows.
  • Swelling and redness are consequences of the natural reaction of the tissues to the needle of the instrument in the field of exposure. This phenomenon occurs in about four days.

Attention: if you plan to get lip PMU, it is recommended to take a preventive course against herpes. Even if there are no external signs at the time of the procedure, there is a high probability of occurrence of rashes in the form of small bubbles after performing permanent makeup. After all, infection with herpes in a latent form is noted in 90% of the population.

Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare

PMU aftercare rules

Two important points should be made at the outset:

  • The recommended means must be carried out at home daily. Special aftercare products are used for permanent make-up.
  • The procedure won’t take long. It is necessary to thoroughly, but carefully treat the skin with an antiseptic solution, after which ointment with regenerating properties is applied.

Traditional pharmacy ointments are not recommended because the ingredients can react with coloring pigment. Special disinfectants and ointments for treating the skin after the PMU can be bought immediately after the procedure in the salon «VeAn Tattoo». We offer proven certified products that are recommended by subject matter experts worldwide. Depending on the type of skin, the location and the scale of the exposure, the master will recommend the care products that are optimally suited to the client.

The PMU course is run by yourself every day for a month. Depending on the rate of recovery of the skin to the initial condition, the specialist adjusts the means used and the length of the rehabilitation period. For example, patients diagnosed with chronic diabetes mellitus have slower tissue recovery than healthy people.

Attention: The tattoo care products offered in the «VeAn» salon do not cause allergies, destroy or discolor pigments. In addition, they are suitable for any type of skin, including for delicate and sensitive skin, do not cause irritation. Creams and disinfectants are repeatedly tested, which is confirmed by the necessary certificates.

Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare

What products are used
to treat different zones

Depending on the place of exposure on the face, the following products are used for tattoo care:

  • Area around eyes (eyelid). Processing is carried out with a 4-hour interval daily, for 5 days. Used ointment Vaseline and hydrocortisone.
  • Lips, eyebrows. Every day, every 4 hours for 7-10 days. It is recommended to use one of the ointments that the master will advise.
  • Lips and area near them. Mandatory treatment with antiviral drugs to avoid the appearance of herpes. For example, use Aciclovir ointment.

Some tips for proper aftercare:

  • Apply the ointment to the eye and eyebrow area carefully using Q-tips.
  • With the help of chamomile decoction, you can painlessly and quickly get rid of edema in the eyelids. To do this, you should moisten the cotton discs in the decoction and attach to the site of exposure.
  • Lips should be treated before every meal, as well as before teeth cleaning.

If you follow the recommendations of the master and use professional care products, swelling, painful sensations and redness can pass after 5-7 days.

What should not be done?
What should not be done?

In order to effectively restore the skin after a tattoo session, the following restrictions must be observed:

  • For 24 hours, avoid moisture contamination.
  • Refrain from scratching the skin and not rub this place with your hands or other objects.
  • The crusts will not be cut off. After a while they will fall off themselves.
  • Within 3 weeks, refuse to visit the sauna, sauna, pool, solarium or beach.
  • Do not use any creams or other skin care products that are not recommended by the tattoo artist.

Until the skin is completely healed, it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics.


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