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Laser PMU removal in Jurmala

PMU is one of the most popular beauty treatments.

Modern successful women are not ready to spend time on daily application and wash decorative cosmetics. PMU is a way to become like a model and look perfect all day long. Resistant to moisture and touches, the lines do not smear and retain their original shape under any conditions and circumstances. Despite the numerous advantages of the procedure, women often have to do laser removal of permanent makeup in Jurmala. Reasons to contact the salon:

  • Pigment allergy.
  • Desire to change own look.
  • Fashion change.
  • Dermatological diseases.
  • Inflammation and rash on the skin.

Laser PMU removal in Jurmala
Laser PMU removal in Jurmala
Laser PMU removal in Jurmala

One of the common reasons to appeal to the master is an aesthetic result.

If the work was done by an amateur, the face may look like a mask after the procedure. There are often cases of different shape and size of parts of the face - eyes and eyebrows. Other common defects:

  • Uneven coloration of lips and eyebrows.
  • Asymmetric location of lines.
  • Incorrectly selected pigments that look disharmoniously and unnaturally on the face.

It is virtually impossible to correct significant deficiencies. The only way to change the situation is laser removal of permanent makeup in Jurmala. Come for free consultation at the salon «VeAn» to learn how to return beauty.

Laser PMU removal in Jurmala

How is the procedure is done?

At the consultation, the master evaluates the condition of the skin and PMU, the depth and the color of the pigment.

Before the procedure, you will learn about contraindications. The principle of laser removal of permanent make-up in Jurmala is to influence the pigment with an intense beam of light. A special laser device generates light rays that destroy the pigment. Its particles are removed from the epidermis through lymphatic system. Gradually, the color of the PMU becomes less saturated. Salon masters «VeAn» use advanced equipment made in the USA, Germany and Japan, which makes the procedure painless and safe. Features:

  • The client wears special glasses that protect the eyes from damage.
  • Local anesthesia.
  • The duration of the treatment is determined individually, taking into account the color and depth of the pigment. The session usually lasts 10-20 minutes.
  • Treatment of the body part with antiseptic and regenerating agents to prevent inflammation and accelerate healing of the skin.

After the procedure you will receive detailed instructions on how to care for the site of exposure after laser removal of permanent makeup in Jurmala. The right aftercare will help to avoid complications and quickly restore the skin. The number of sessions varies from 2 to 6 depending on the individual features of the body, the color of the skin and the shade of the dye.

Conditions of safety are created for the clients in «VeAn» salon. Before the procedure disinfecting treatment of the workplace and the area of influence is performed. The master works in disposable gloves, which eliminates contact of the hands with the customer’s skin. As a result, the risk of infection, inflammation and other complications is minimal. Immediately after the session, there is a slight swelling and redness of the skin, which is a normal physiological response to thermal exposure. Swelling and redness independently pass within a few hours.

Laser PMU removal in Jurmala
Laser PMU removal in Jurmala
Laser PMU removal in Jurmala

Advantages of the salon «VeAn»

If you care about your health, choose the studio «VeAn», whose masters pay special attention to sanitation.

The procedure takes place according to medical protocols. Other reasons to do laser removal of permanent makeup in Jurmala in our salon:

  • Individual approach.
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • Possibility to buy professional skin aftercare products after the procedure.

We welcome every client. We will make you feel comfortable and calm. Free consultations are available in person and by phone. Come and call - you will get answers to all questions.