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Piercing in Jurmala

Piercing is a puncture of the body or face with the installation of decoration.

People have made punctures since ancient times. The most common option is pierced earlobes and wearing earrings. Modern punctures are elegant and original. Unusual accessories attract the attention of others and help to emphasize the merits of appearance. Piercing jewelry are not limited to ordinary earrings. Fans of this kind of body modification wear nostrils and tunnels, barbells and bananas, rods and rings, labrets and clickers, circulars and horseshoes.

People who pierce in Jurmala are creative in creating their look. Usually these are creative personalities who are not used to choosing standard solutions. Due to the variety of forms, this body modification method is suitable for all people. Anyone can find an option that will go to your favorite style of clothing and lifestyle. You can choose several laconic punctures in the ear to look elegant and awesome. The alternative is eye-catching lip piercing, mouth or navel jewelry. All this focuses people’s attention on the seductive parts of the face and body.

Piercing in Jurmala
Piercing in Jurmala
Piercing in Jurmala

Where can get a piercing?

Come to the studio «VeAn» to make an aesthetic piercing in Jurmala and impress others.

Experienced masters perform punctures safely and painlessly. The total time of the procedure is about 40-60 minutes. To make a puncture, the experienced master requires no more than 1-2 minutes. The rest of the time is devoted to training and instruction on the aftercare period. The stage of preparation includes the study of the structure of the part of the face or body, where it is planned to puncture, marking, selection and sterilization of jewelry.

To protect your health, pierce in Jurmala in the salon «VeAn». Any puncture means the integrity of the skin. The procedure carries a risk of infection. In order to prevent undesirable effects in the form of inflammatory process, our masters carefully comply with sanitary standards.

The treatment of the working surfaces with disinfectants is mandatory before the procedure. The master handles the area of exposure and decoration. The work is performed in disposable gloves, which eliminates contact of the hands of the master with the client’s skin and wound. Packaging with disposable tools is opened in the presence of the client. We give you detailed instructions on how to care for a puncture. Proper aftercare speeds up the healing process.

Piercing in Jurmala

Our services

Masters of the salon «VeAn» are professionals of their business.

For our clients there are no restrictions. Experienced piercers perform puncture of any complexity, ready to make any your fantasies come true. Choose popular piercings in Jurmala or non-standard varieties. For example, dermal piercings—also known as microdermal piercings or single-point piercings—are piercings that lie flat against the surface of the skin. Intradermal micro-implantation allows to create original patterns of rhinestones or gemstones on forehead, cheeks, neck and other parts of the body. Common types of piercing:

  • Daith, Conch, Helix (in ear cartilage).
  • Industrial (double puncture).
  • Septum and Bridge (in the nasal septum and bridge).
  • Meduza (the upper lip).
  • Smiley (an oral piercing where jewelry is inserted into your lip frenulum).
  • Monroe (located above the upper lip on either side).
  • Nipples and intimate organs.

To piercing in Jurmala looks aesthetic, trust the work done by experienced masters of the salon «VeAn». We will help you to show your individuality and find a spectacular, bright appearance.

Piercing in Jurmala
Piercing in Jurmala
Piercing in Jurmala

Advantages of «VeAn» Studio

Come for a free consultation to learn more about the culture of piercing and the features of the procedure.

You can get answers to questions by phone. Pros for our customers:

  • Individual approach.
  • Local anesthesia. Painless procedure is an important aspect of the piercer’s work.
  • Possibility to buy professional aftercare products.
  • Comfortable conditions and pleasant psychological atmosphere.

We are glad to each client and will do everything to make your dreams come true! Participate in special offers and promotions to get up to 80% discount on all services.

Piercing in Jurmala
Piercing in Jurmala