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White tattoos
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What do I need to know before getting a white tattoo?

White tattoos are performed in one color only, unlike traditional body art works, which are usually done with a black outline and filled with several colors or gradients.

Usually they are very delicate and stylish, created solely due to thin lines and strokes, although sometimes there are cases of shading in white.

As a rule, white tattoos are much more difficult to perform than classic ones. They need an extremely skilled artist working in this style. But before you decide to go to the salon, we offer answers to the most common questions regarding white tattoos and some interesting ideas of their sketches.

white tattoo

How long do white tattoos last?

Compared to classic body art, white tattoos can lose color and fade a little faster.

This is due to the fact that the lighter pigments begin to fade before the darker pigments, whereas the white is the lightest of all the colors available. With this in mind, there are measures that will help to keep such tattoos as long as possible:

  • Choose only experienced artists with experience in white tattooing.
  • Aftercare has to be correct for the damaged area during the healing process. Follow the instructions and tips of your artist.
  • Make sure that the new body image has always been well moistened.
  • Protect the tattoo from direct sunlight. Cover it with clothes or accessories or use sunscreen with a SPF 50 protection level.
white tattoo
white tattoo

Do white tattoos always «raise» areas on your skin

If you look closely at the photos of the white tattoos, you can see that the skin around them is a little bit raised.

However, this situation is common to all tattoos, regardless of the colour of the used pigment. This is due to the fact that the images on the body create a thin layer of scar tissue that some people look more expressive than others. Although white ink tattoos usually have no more relief than other colors, it is easier to see this scar layer on a white background. Some people like this peculiarity of white tattoos, while others see it as their minus.

white tattoo

Will a white tattoo look good on someone with brown skin?

Skin tone plays an important role in almost any body art modification.

After all, skin is the initial “canvas” that creates the background for the entire work. But it is so obvious with white tattoos. Extremely light or even pale skin can cause serious difficulties to work with white ink, although it is possible if an experienced artist works. However, in this case, you will have to protect your tattoo from the sun, because light skin is easier to burn. On the other hand, dark shades of skin on the contrary go well with a white tattoo. This is because dark tones provide greater contrast.

At the same time, people with uneven skin shades, for example, with more freckles, may not be the best candidates for such body art. This is due to the fact that white tattoos need monotonous canvas, otherwise they will remain completely invisible.

white tattoo
white tattoo
Do white tattoos glow in the dark?

There is a mistaken belief that all tattoos made in white ink glow in the dark or under ultraviolet light.

In fact, the pigment itself doesn’t do that. In order for your tattoo to shine under this light, a special fluorescent pigment should be added to the white ink. It can have quite an impressive effect. However, there has not been enough research on the possible harm of such ink. Therefore, there is a high risk of an allergic reaction of the body to fluorescent components. People with sensitive skin should be especially careful.

white tattoo
Common Tattoo Variants

The most popular ideas for getting white tattoos are:

  • Botanical motifs and flowers are a constant classic that looks even more delicate in white. They can be placed anywhere, even in visible areas, because such pigment is difficult to notice immediately.
  • From butterflies to tigers and dragons, animals also always remain a good idea, including for white tattoos.
  • A little fragile feather that can symbolize divinity, protection, freedom, ease, sense of flight or even loss.
white tattoo
white tattoo

Now, white tattoos have a lot of potential drawbacks, but they can be absolutely amazing if they’re done right.

This is influenced by two main factors - a careful choice of tattoo artist and the willingness to make efforts to properly care for their new modification.

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