Tongue piercing
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Tongue piercings

Tongue piercing is extremely popular, it is almost no appreciable type of puncture, the use of anaesthetic medication happens very rarely.

But despite this, the healing of the damaged area itself may be painful. During the formation of the channel around the earrings, there may be pains. In this period, it is important to limit yourself in the usual food, during the healing of the puncture it will be necessary to take only liquid food. There are also many more restrictions, so it is necessary to seriously weigh the pros and cons before deciding on this kind of puncture.

Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings


For puncture a special clamp is used, which has a special opening for the passage of the needle.

A special needle is also used, in which the earring is later introduced and carried out in the puncture channel itself. So how does the puncture procedure work?

  • The working tool is thoroughly sterilized.
  • Disinfect the puncture site.
  • Markuping.
  • The clamp fixes the tongue.
  • The needle passes through the opening of the clamp, passing through the tongue.
  • The needle has a special hole in which the earring is inserted.
  • After the earring in the tongue, the needle and the clamp are removed.
  • The earring is fixed, fresh puncture is treated with antiseptic.

For further rinsing of the oral cavity, as a rule, a solution of Chlorhexidine with water, in a ratio of 1:4. After a while, there will be a puff of the tongue, this is a normal reaction after the puncture procedure. During the first days after the piercing session, it is recommended to speak less so as not to harm the healing channel. The healing period of each person is different. During the healing period of the puncture, you must refuse to take solid, spicy, sour food.

Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings

How do you prep for a piercing?

Before you perform a puncture, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons.

If you have already decided on the procedure, then you should properly prepare for the future of tongue piercing.

  • It is important to choose the first earring, its alloy should not be oxidized. Also, the first jewerly should be larger than the constant one, this is due to the fact that after a puncture swells the tongue. When the canal is healed and the swelling is gone from the tongue, then you can replace the jewerly with a smaller size.
  • Also, as for the choice of earrings, the product should be smooth, it should not be sampled, engraved or different patterns. If the surface of the bar is not smooth, the puncture channel will heal longer, as it will be injured by the pattern. In this case, the healing period may be several months.
  • In general, the healing of the channel lasts about two months, but this does not mean that after their expiration you can forget about processing the tangue. Piercing will need to be processed regularly while you wear a barbell.
Tongue piercings

  • Many of the tongue piercing enthusiasts say that when preparing for a session you need to eat your favorite food as often as possible, because after a puncture of the tongue many familiar dishes will be prohibited.
  • Every time you need to touch the earring, it is very important to thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap, so that the channel does not get infection. Treatment in this situation will take quite a while.
  • In case you cannot do without a toothbrush, it must be boiled in soda solution beforehand. The brush must be boiled for at least five minutes. This manipulation must be carried out every time before brushing your teeth.
  • At the end of the healing, once a month it will be necessary to carry out a full cleaning of the decoration. The earring is completely removed, cleaned, and boiled in soda solution.

It is important to bear in mind that the healing period can reach four to five months. Therefore, it is very important at this time not to injure the tongue.

Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings

What are the risks of
getting a tongue piercing?

It should be immediately noted that it will be about the wrong piercing of the tongue, in which there are many consequences.

There are cases when you have to completely recycle the earring, wait for the full restoration of the tissue of the tongue, and start again the procedure of piercing. In the event that within two weeks the swelling from the tongue does not subside, but vice versa, the tongue becomes a strange color - it is necessary to seek help from a surgeon as soon as possible. In addition, there are a few more symptoms that you should contact a professional:

  • For a long period there is pain, itching or burning;
  • Such symptoms are possible during the first few days after the procedure, but they should soon pass, if these symptoms do not pass - ask for help;
  • The long period around the earring is unnatural redness, inflammation;
  • Unpleasant odor from the oral cavity also indicates that there is something wrong with the piercing;
  • Various discharges from the damaged area are also a warning bell;
  • The temperature rise is felt for a long period, but it can also indicate inflammation of the tongue.

Tongue piercing requires careful and regular aftercare, it should be constantly monitored, and if any symptoms appear, immediately contact a specialist. Self-treatment is not recommended, because this way you can further harm yourself. Self-medication can also lead to body rejection of the jewerly.

Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings
Main contraindications

Before the piercing procedure, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications, in which it is prohibited to perform puncture procedure.

At the same time, even the most careful care will not help and there will be consequences.

  • If you are not able to regularly carry out regular treatment of piercings, the procedure is contraindicated. Because there is the highest risk of infection, which will lead to suppuration and rejection of the earring.
  • The pregnancy period is also a strict contraindication to the piercing procedure.
  • In case of problematic health, you should first consult a doctor, and only with the approval of a specialist make a puncture.
  • Disease on diabetes or hemophilia are a serious restriction.
  • Puncture is also contraindicated in autoimmune diseases.
  • The presence of allergic reactions to antibiotics is also a contraindication. Because in case of inflammatory process, antibiotics will need to be taken for a long period.

Tangue piercing has a lot of fans, not surprisingly, because it is a very original and beautiful decoration of the tangue. But before you decide on such a procedure, it is important to have a detailed consultation with a specialist, get acquainted with all contraindications and possible consequences. And it’s only when you’ve weighed the pros and cons that you make a decision. Remember, the main thing is your health and safety, so it is also very well necessary to approach and choose a master piercing.

Choose only quality beauty, contact only experienced and proven professionals, carry out the right care for a puncture, and enjoy a high-quality tongue piercing.

Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings
Tongue piercings
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